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Arbor Vitae Dinnerware


Life’s most memorable meals take place at home. Every piece in our collection is delicate, yet durable and is meant to be used everyday, from the dishwasher, to the oven, to the microwave. Set your table with dinnerware that’s suitable for formal and casual dining alike, for everyday elegance.

Arbor Vitae Collection

An evergreen meaning ‘Tree of Life’, suits Cherie’s signature pattern well but actually was not the reason for the namesake. Right out of high school she worked for a small resort in Arbor Vitae located in northern Wisconsin. This bundle of flowers is each hand painted, petal by petal and leaf by leaf with the delicate stroke of one artist’s brush. They are intended for years of pleasure, to be passed down to generations, like heirlooms flowers in gardens long gone.

Order as a 5-piece place setting or individual pieces:

Mug: 3.5 diam. x 4″ h: 16 oz.
6″ bowl: 6 diam. x 2.5″ h; 20 oz.
Low bowl: 8.5 diam. x 1.75″ h; 20 oz. (not shown)
Salad plate: 8.5 diam.
Dinner plate: 11 diam. x 1″ h