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About Us

Dodge Station Pottery offers handmade, functional, stoneware pottery that’s intended for generations of everyday use. Our products are all individually thrown on the potter’s wheel by a master potter and lovingly taken through many steps to create the final piece.  Our streamlined contemporary design, and traditional craftsmanship bring you a product that embodies everyday elegance.  Our rustic modern  look has been largely shaped by the influence of nature and stylish living.  We offer a wide selection of dinnerware, bowls, serveware, vases, pitchers, bakeware, and home décor items.  Whether you are entertaining a houseful of guests, or sitting around the kitchen table with your family, our sustainable wares will make every gathering more special.  We hope our products will invite the love of family and nature into your home and bring happiness for generations to come.

It all started when we met as two college students who possessed a love for art and adventure.  We got married and then opened the pottery in 1978.  It was coined Dodge Station Pottery.  The name came from Dodge County in which we lived and the train station which was across the street from our first house.  After several moves we landed in a small town in WI called Westfield and raised our family, all the while continuing the pottery.

Our pottery represents the deep pleasure of handmade, homegrown living in small town America.  Here days are savored slowly with the love of food, friends, and family.  Dodge Station Pottery has found inspiration in the places we’ve lived and the bountiful nature in which we play.  We invite you into our lives, to a sparkling creek where days are spent kayaking and fishing to a sun-washed backyard bbq, and into our pottery shop.  It is here where our products are created with love and pride and will make their way from our home and hands to yours.